A-Day-In-The-Life-Session with Larson Family

The Larson family wanted a candid, natural, day in the life portrait session with their daughter Dottie which I was thrilled to do as I have wanted to do this style for a long time now but not had the opportunity to do.  With “A-Day-In-The-Life-Session”, you work as hard as you can to be invisible as a photographer and capture the family in the most candid way possible.  I’ll admit, at times I went back into posed photographer mode and had to tell myself to back off and be quiet.  What I loved most about this session is that their was no stress on Dottie to “perform” and no stress on the family to “smile” to the camera.  We didn’t spend a whole day together but we spent an afternoon together in which time Dottie woke up, had a bottle, was dressed by Mum and Dad, played, ate some food, had books read to her and then played again.  We did finish with a couple of images a little more posed where I directly interacted with Dottie but even then the images were very natural.  If you want to capture your family in its most natural way, and I believe the easiest way for everyone, then I really recommend “A-Day-In-The-Life-Session” session for your family.   

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